Camera motion and attachment sample

Original blender model is the same as other samples but slightly modified to set camera behind character and added floor.

There are two figures on scene. A clone of a character created on fly. Camera is attached to original copy of a figure. Which means if you navigate it, camera will follow. if you switch navigation to a clone with <TAB> and move it, you 'll see that motion applied to character only, but not to a camera.

Full source code for this sample can be found in SVN repository as 'CamaraAttachment' sample and also here. Take a look at setupNavigator function for details on how to attach camera to an object.

To control character motion use keys:
<TAB> - switch control between instances.
<Up Arrow> - move forward.
<Down Arrow> - move backward ( reverse timing).
<Left Arrow> - turn left in local coordinate system.
<Right Arrow> - turn right in local coordinate system.

Modified model with added floor, originally provided by Brad Roodt

These is also Xc3 model file available.

Sample is powered by Papervision3D rendering engine.