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August 12, 2009 - New release of Cast3d and Utility package

New release of Cast3d and Import utility package is available for download. The package has no new features but rather cleaned up with few bugs and tested with new Blender COLLADA import.

Download Cast3d v .98 Source and samples

Download Import Utility package(Windows, Win32). Import tools for COLLADA 1.4 , 3DStudio Max .3ds file format, Quake II (.md2) files and 'Deflate' simple file compression utility.

August 11, 2009 - LATEST Blender 2.49 COLLADA export fixes

Complete do over of Blender 2.49 COLLADA export python script for skeleton ( armature) skinning and animation.

May 28, 2009 - Update

Although it's been quiet for last 3-4 month, nevertheless Cast3d is still alive. I apologize, I have been extremely busy those days with other projects.

The are few development ideas that have waited long time to be implemented. My guts feeling tells me now is a right time to begin.

A quick heads up or a glimpse of idea which is browsing of 3D content, remotely like HTML. I stress the word remotely as 3D content is much richer and conceptually different from HTML.

Originally, 3D browser would process 3 XML files : 3D scene ( with could be .xc3), map file ( maps 3d entity ids to user action or manipulation behavior), decor file - main entry file, actually being rendered ( glues together scene and map and references to other decor files).

Today Cast3D and .xc3 file only implement a 3D scene part, but no definitions of user interactions and references to other scenes. The whole setup still is the air, but I am strongly determined to put it the code.

If interested, post your comments on discussion board or send you email to

Also, I am going to make latest source tarball updates out of latest in SVN. The are a number of fixes in both core Cast3D and import utilities.

So, stay tuned!

February 3, 2009 - Update

There is some functionality ( like collision) shown in latest samples not available in Cast3D v 0.97 AS download package. If you want to play with latest get source code from SVN repository.

There are also few fixes and enhancements related to Skin/Bone animation.

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January 23, 2009 - Download link fixed

Apparently, from a recent page update Cast3D v 0.97 AS3 latest - Source download link was broken. It is fixed now, see download page

January 18, 2009 - Preview of some new features

This is a sneak preview of some new features of upcoming Cast3D 0.98 release. The demo sample visualized collision with bounding boxes of moving3D objects.


 Collision visualization sample

December 24, 2008 - Some news and Status

Merry Christmas and Happy new 2009 Year Everyone!

I am looking forward to bring some cool and exiting features to Cast3D in 2009. Unfortunately, I am not really 3D artist so if you have good looking animation model please sent it to me I'll publish it in demo section.

One user sent me recently a very cool animation Blender model. It is fairly complex and has a number of animated sequences from “run”, “jump”, “kick” etc… Now I am working on Blender COLLADA export scrips to bring it in Cast3D, as current script is limited to export only a single animation action.

Stay tuned!

December 10, 2008 - Import bug fixed

* md2Xc3 Quake (.md2) file import utility sanity checks added for reading zero length records to prevent crash

Cast3D Import v 0.971 C++ package

Import Utility package(Windows, Win32). Import tools for COLLADA 1.4 , 3DStudio Max .3ds file format, Quake II (.md2) files and 'Deflate' simple file compression utility.

November 30, 2008 - Some new features

There is new feature and sample added to SVN repository for loading cast3d (.xc3) files on fly. Could be very useful for dynamic scenes and gaming.

 Check out the demo page.

November 15, 2008 - New development and more bugs fixed in Blender export scripts

Few more important bugs are fixed in Blender COLLADA export python scripts.

October 28, 2008 - New dot release 0.97

New dot 0.97 package release of Cast3D framework is now available for download.

Here is summary of new features:

There is also new samples

and new tutorials exposing few features.

October 9, 2008 - New release 0.96

New package release version 0.96 of Cast3D framework and import utilities is now available for download.

There are few new features that I believe many would like:

Please, take a look at some new samples.

 cloned walking lady sample

and new tutorials showing and explaining on how to use them.

October 2, 2008 - Code repository and download updates

Blender Collada export scripts have been updated to a minor 'root' node transformations bug. Please use this link to download the latest update.

Also Cast3d, Import Library and utilities code has been checked into repository. For those who are interested there is new 'Navigation' sample code for for demo sample referenced in previous news message.

September 30, 2008 - New release announce

There is some information on new exiting features of Cast3d in upcoming release:

I could not keep myself from exposing a sample based on new release. Here is interactive animated sample.

 interactive sample

Stay tuned, new release package with detailed information is going to be published soon. Those who wants to try out earlier, use the latest code from SVN repository.

September 2, 2008 - Updates

Updated Cast3d version 0.95 now is available for download as well as import utility package for new COLLADA 1.4 .dae file import along with supported earlier .3ds and .md2 file formats.

This release contains few features and bug fixes. Detailed information is provides in release notes of package. It is strongly recommended to use latest Import utilities with latest Cast3d code.

Skin/Bone animation has been tested on a number of COLLADA Dae samples exported from a different sources, like 3DStudioMAX, Maya, and Blender 3D modeling tools.

Here is Blender animated sample  walking lady sample

Apparently, Blender v 2.45 , 2.46, 2.47 have few bugs in COLLADA export that do not allow to produce correctly build Skin/Bone animation Dae files.

Updated Blender COLLADA export scripts can be downloaded here.

The bugs and fixed code have been submitted to Blender community and here is ticket in Blender Bug-Tracker system, so I hope those bugs will be fixed soon in upcoming Blender releases.

Major Feature Update - July 10, 2008


This is MAJOR feature update. It took about four month to sort out with COLLADA data and finally here the results.

New Cast3D version 0.93 package now is available for download as well as import utility package for new COLLADA 1.4 .dae file import along with supported earlier .3ds and .md2 file formats.

New features :

This is first attempt to support COLLADA and since it is quite an extensive and elaborated format there is still could be some issues. So please, report if you find any. Also send me some cool skin animation samples, I'll publish them on demo page.

Here are few tips regarding working with COLLADA:

Most 3D modeling tools like Blender, 3dsMax etc .. , use Right-handed coordinate system and files that are being exported also in the same coordinate system. On contrary, all supported to date by Cast3D Flash rendering engines use Left-Handed coordinate system. So, do flip systems. For example:

> Dae2Xc3 -flip src_file.dae dest_file.xc3

Otherwise you most likely will not see anything displayed in 3d scene as camera would be directed away from it.

Here is some new COLLADA samples:

 laptop sample plane sample

Feature Update


New Cast3D package is available for download now.

This is a significant feature update which intended to help with tuning 3D models behavior and animation in Flash 3D.

There are some new modeling features of manipulator you may like, mostly helper visualizations ( you need to enable Control panel and manipulator, see samples) :

camera path sample

Check out camera motion sample with Papervision3D 2.0., click on image.


Support for Papervision3D 2.0 is added. Some people were waiting for this for a while. Package includes sample code for Papervision3D 2.0 and all samples for previous version 1.7 should work too.


Also limited support for Away3D engine is provided.

Lighting, shaded materials and material morphing are not implemented yet, but will be added later. There is example code on how to use Away3D port included in the package as well.

New document released


XML Schema reference guide for .XC3 file format is released.

This document can be really handy if you need to make changes to .xc3 file.

For example, if you imported .xc3 file from .3ds or .md2 file and you need to change texture images, add sound tracks or anything else, this document will provide some guide line on how and where to make modifications correctly.

Feature Update


Usually textures in MD2 files come in (.pcx) or (.tga) format. To be able to use them in Flash they need to be converted into (.jpg) images. If you do so, then you'll need to update texture image file names in (.xc3) file. Look for <asset> tags in resulting XML file and modify corresponding “source” attribute to match texture file name ( do not change “id” attributes).

Check out download page.

Click on image to see the demo.

Md2 animated alien model

Cast3D goes online

2008-03-04 Cast3D goes online!